Jenni Ruzic

Jenni Ruzic portrait

Over 20 years ago I attended my first training course in Massage Therapy, that was the beginning of my passion for self care, healing and the benefits of priortising your wellbeing.
For a long time my life was juggling shift work, my two gorgeous children, full time study and riding the stresses of everyday life. I personally found natural therapies such as massage, yoga, aromatherapy, fitness and nutrition to be extremely beneficial on my journey. This inspired me to study and become a Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and reiki/energy healer, so I can help and give back.
Working with other Remedial therapists has allowed me to develop and grow into an intuitive therapist, providing individualised treatments from a wide range of modalities. Whether you are seeking relaxation, relief from pain or emotional/physical stress, the use of breathwork during the treatment will enhance your experience and desired outcome.

Sometimes you just need to create time and space to "Let go".

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