Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

Massage is not only a relaxing way of giving yourself ‘you’ time, it also has a number of physiological benefits for your body.

Some of the benefits of Massage include:

  • Relaxes muscle spasms and relieves tension.
  • Reduces muscular aches and pain.
  • Aids in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body.
  • Promotes circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the soft tissues.
  • Revitalises energy levels.
  • Enhances body awareness and understanding.
  • By reducing stress and tension it can lower high blood pressure.
  • Prevents and treats injuries.
  • Promotes flexibility.
  • Increases endurance and performance in athletes.
  • Aids in recovery from sport and injury.

Most of all it feels great to give yourself permission to relax and heal your body in the hands of a qualified therapist.

So book in today – you deserve it.

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