Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point therapy focuses on stimulating and releasing ‘Trigger Points’ in your body.

A trigger point is a knot in a muscle that is in a constant state of contraction and can be caused by trauma, overuse of the muscle, changes in temperature and emotional stress. Normal massage strokes will not release a trigger point. Direct pressure needs to be applied to interrupt the nerve impulse that is causing the muscular contraction.

Our Trigger Point Therapy Specialists

Emily Baker

My passion for massage extends back to my childhood when I would give neck massages to family and friends at dinner parties and BBQs. Even from...

Tanya Wilson

Tanya works holistically with body mind and spirit. She has the gift of tuning into your soul’s path and needs, and is able to provide a...

Jana Nulty

Jana completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage at the Australian College of Massage. She has always had a passion for massage and natural health...

Tulani Kertes

Tulani completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage with the Australian College of Massage. She combines relaxation with deep tissue and remedial...

Melissa Lambert

My name is Melissa Lambert and I am a Remedial Therapist and the founder of The Sanctuary at Hove. With a background in Dance and Fitness I have...

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