Vibrational Kinesiology

A system that utilises muscle testing to gain feedback and information from an individual to ascertain imbalances.

The muscle testing covers areas such as physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional and environmental aspects. Emotional release, spiritual harmonising and general sense of well being is experienced as a result of a Vibrational Kinesiology treatment. A series of sessions are recommended for maximum benefit and results.

How do you know if Vibrational Kinesiology is for you?

Vibrational Kinesiology finds the root causes of symptoms and problems, so if there is anything in your body mind or spirit that you would like to understand better, or re-balance, then a Vibrational Kinesiology session can assist immensely. If you want a gentle energy balance, and are seeking a holistic technique or if you suspect that your current pain or discomfort has emotional links, then Vibrational Kinesiology is recommended.

Our Vibrational Kinesiology Specialists

Tanya Wilson

Tanya works holistically with body mind and spirit. She has the gift of tuning into your soul’s path and needs, and is able to provide a...

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