Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A gentle technique that works specifically with the lymphatic system. Beneficial for pre and post operative care plus any areas of swelling due to surgery, injury or lymph node removal (a procedure used in many cancers).

A positive technique to aid in detoxification, skin rejuvenation and the French use it to combat cellulite!

When NOT to have Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Those who want deep tissue work, when you have an infection, some cancers.

When TO have Lymphatic Drainage massage: detoxification, prior to amalgam removal, within 48 hours of injury, pre or post op, lymphedema prevention, skin care, to reduce swelling, sleep difficulties, anxiety.

Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage Specialists

Tanya Wilson

Tanya works holistically with body mind and spirit. She has the gift of tuning into your soul’s path and needs, and is able to provide a...

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