Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a very old practice dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, where it was believed that certain areas on the feet correspond with other body organs and can help to influence their health.

The foot is believed to have specific reflex points, which under stimulation can help the body heal itself. Reflexology and foot massages are now commonly used in alternative medicine, as it is considered very safe and likely to benefit you.
What are the benefits?

  • Improve energy level
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps remove toxins
  • Helps promote sleep
  • Helps to reduce stress by inducing deep relaxation
  • Rebalances the whole-body system
  • Encourages blood circulation

Special Considerations

  • Thrombosis – reflexology can move the blood clot
  • Diabetes – Treatment could activate the pancreas and insulin levels would change
  • Infection – such as paronychia
  • Arthritis – in severe cases need extreme care
  • Pregnancy – Care needed to not overstimulate body system
  • Surface trauma – lacerations, bruising
  • Heart conditions – postpone treatment

Foot Reflexology treatments last 60 mins.

Our Foot Reflexology Specialists

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Clair Hobbs

After hitting my own rock bottom moment in my life in 2014 after a major car accident, I have dedicated myself to learning how to heal the body...

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