There are many times in our lives where we just need a listening ear. Counselling offers this, and so much more. Talking out your concerns and worries, and getting things ‘off your chest’ is part of what counselling offers, as well as getting to know yourself better, and learning to be kind to yourself. Through counselling you can gain understanding, and make meaning of difficult situations or events. Counselling not only gives you the space to talk through your challenges and concerns, but also aids in developing the skills to recognise and change unhelpful patterns and habits in our life. It can help us with decision making, and gives us the space and time needed to listen to our own inner voice, so that we can feel peace and understanding about ourselves and our world.

How do you know if counselling is for you?

Lots of people come to counselling when there has been a life event such as a relationship break up, heart break or betrayal, an illness or passing of a loved one or family member, or a sense of loss or grief in general, and they would like some help and healing around these events. Some people come to counselling because they feel depressed, anxious or stressed, or they are having trouble making a decision.

Counselling can be extremely helpful for any of these times, as well as anytime that you may feel confused, emotional or stressed. Sometimes these states are due to a life event, and sometimes they are chronic states, that don’t necessarily have an event or memory attached to them, and that is ok.
Counselling at The Sanctuary at Hove, is a private and confidential service, in beautiful surrounds and is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and alternate weekends with Tanya Wilson. Tanya is a transpersonal counsellor, and often her sessions encompass the spiritual and intuitive as well as the practical and physical worlds of the client.

If you are wanting to move from stress or anxiousness, to calm and peace, if you want to learn how to make meaning and gain understanding after life’s challenges, so you can gracefully move forward in life again, a transpersonal counselling appointment with Tanya is available.

Our Counselling Specialists

Tanya Wilson

Tanya works holistically with body mind and spirit. She has the gift of tuning into your soul’s path and needs, and is able to provide a...

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