Tanya Wilson

Tanya works holistically with body mind and spirit. She has the gift of tuning into your soul’s path and needs, and is able to provide a treatment that truly tailors to the individual. Having 22 years as a massage therapist, body worker and counsellor, she is able to work with you therapeutically, and is focused on your health, well-being and life balance.

Well known for her deep tissue and trigger point work, but equally valued for her energy work and healing, Tanya can work with a broad range of clientele, from those wanting spiritual healing, understanding and nurturing, to those needing deep tissue work and muscle release.

Tanya is inspired by the feats and resilience of the human body, mind and spirit. As a result of this, she likes working with those who have chronic health conditions, or re-occurring or persistent injuries. Those times when someone says, “I have been everywhere”, or “tried everything”, and they feel worn down by their pain or discomfort are times when therapies such as those listed below, can bring back hope, reduce pain (emotional, physical or spiritual pain) and enhance life flow for an individual. Helping an individual re-inspire themselves by overcoming a difficulty, trauma, pain or hard times, is what Tanya does best.

Tanya has a background in traditional Chinese medicine, Remedial Massage, and psychotherapy, she has previously trained as a dancer, is a disciple of the Wu Tang lineage of traditional Chinese martial arts, and has studied and practiced Buddhism and meditation.

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