Emily Baker

My passion for massage extends back to my childhood when I would give neck massages to family and friends at dinner parties and BBQs. Even from such a young age, I enjoyed making people feel better.
Now that my own beautiful children are at school, I have been able to make my love of massage official by completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage. Complementary to this, I have also completed my Personal training course.
What I love about massage is the connection that you make with people and that you can make a person feel better than when they walked through the door. I like to care for and nurture people and treating people with massage gives me great satisfaction.
I believe wellness is holistic – mind, body and soul. Massage can help relax the mind, get the body moving and soothe the soul.
I look forward to meeting many new clients and aim to expand my skills and knowledge to further benefit those in my care.

Phone: (08) 8296 7512
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354B Brighton Road
Hove South Australia 5048