Deanne O’Loughlin

Deanne O’Loughlin portrait

Deanne’s interest in health began at the age of 10 when she was introduced to alternative therapies by her great uncle who owned a bookstore. His belief in empowering others to heal themselves through books inspired and lead her on a journey to become a massage therapist.

Since her career began in 2002, Deanne has had the opportunity to work within some of Adelaide’s leading chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics, day spas and in her own practice.

Her inquisitive nature to learn and grow saw her take a career change to become a client relationship manager in a coaching business. This role gave her a deeper understanding of how to help people work with their mind and body.

With her natural nurturing ability, Deanne has a wide skill set of modalities to offer her clients. Her treatments combine one or a few of these modalities as she finds the source of their issue and works to bring their body back to balance.

“The most important project you will ever work on is yourself.”

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354B Brighton Road
Hove South Australia 5048